Ebola Ethical Dilemma

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Part 1 Recently there was a crisis in the world of healthcare: a highly fatal virus of Ebola broke out. Indeed, it is generally limited to a certain part of Africa, but there were account that people with this virus were spotted in the United State, Europe and other countries. Since the fatality rate is around ninety percent, it should have been contained extremely quickly. In order to do that, some of the people who contracted the virus were offered experimental medicine that showed great results in curing Ebola in apes. However, it was not tested on humans. So, the ethical dilemma here is whether this medicine should be given to the patients. There are several reasons why the situation in question is an ethical dilemma. It is rather obvious…show more content…
The latter is a moral theory that argues that “the morally right act, for any particular situation, is that act which would produce the greatest overall utility in its consequences” (MTP, 2014, p. #111). In other words, it focuses on a specific act and the amount of utility or happiness that it brings. There are certain advantages that it possesses. First of all, this theory is extremely objective and provides a single, well defined and clear answer to a particular problem. So, it is very easy to apply it. In addition to that, given the fact that it takes into consideration the actual state of affairs, it is rather flexible which allows it to be used in virtually any circumstances (Jenkins, 2003). However, there is some criticism of it as well. For example, it is generally argued that act utilitarianism often leads to moral permissiveness. Indeed, if the focus of moral evaluation is place on a particular set of circumstances, then acts which are commonly recognized as wrong (murder or incest, for example) will be seen as permissible (Hooker, 2000). Moreover, the very concept of calculating and comparing the possible outcomes is rather vague. While the idea of utility is understandable, how can a person actually measure it taking into account all the aspects of the situation objectively? All this leads to the understanding that it may work well in theory, but in practice it does face some technical

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