Early America Dbq Analysis

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Many people had come to America after religious persecution in various regions in Europe. The people that had come to America had wished to establish an area where they can practice religion without being disturbed, where the idea of church being separate from state had been alien to the citizens of this new-found land. As the years passed, many conflicts spurred amongst the people in which they could not come to agreements because of the many different religious views where church slowly started to see separation from state. Due to the many new sects in Christianity, church shouldn’t be conglomerated with state, as displayed by discrimination towards an assortment of religions, disagreement towards other sects, and the “assumed dominion over the…show more content…
One reason church should be in no relation to the church is because there can be discriminatory attitudes towards the beliefs in other religions. Source B provides a plethora of examples of the many heated attitudes towards those who had different views upon certain matters. One example the document talks about is of Puritan Boston’s early days, when any other religious ideas were banned from the colony. This implies that the church was united with the way the state is governed and we learn from the document that this was no joke to the rulers of Boston because they had hung four Quakers in the city of Boston just for standing up for their beliefs. If church and state become one, it requires numerous amount of people to believe the same exact thing. This is an extremely hard task due to the fact each individual human perceive the world in different terms than the rest. As humans, many dislike being forced in to believing things that are incomprehensible to them which leads to standing up to their own beliefs (or what they comprehend) which leads to discrimination of their beliefs. However if church were separated

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