Dirt Track Racing Research Paper

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Racing is not just about going fast and turning left. I have always dreamed of being a racecar driver. I wanted to be just like my grandpa and my dad who both raced. From the time I was old enough to remember I was out in the garage working on the car with my dad. It was his passion and very quickly became mine just as well. When we went racing together it was like all the worries in the world just vanished. My dream of racing all started in Florida. I was about 8 give or take. The track was called Volusia Speedway. It was during speed weeks. If you do not know what that is it is when they race at daytona and they have events all week long. They do the same for dirt track racing. There are nascar guys that race dirt before daytona. This guy’s name is Kenny Wallace. He is a previous nascar driver but know races dirt. He is one of the most famous dirt track…show more content…
And it was one of the biggest street stock races of the year in michigan. All the street stock drivers from michigan were there. The race is a all weekend event. On Friday we just have practice all day to figure the car out. Then on Saturday we do the heat races which will determine where you start for the main event. I made the show finished 4th in my heat race. I did not set the world on fire by any means but it was a good run. So i started mid-pack in the feature. Around 11th give or take a little. Well now it is Sunday and this is what everyone is waiting for the main event. Then the worst crash to this day of my career happened only 5 laps into the race. I was coming out of turn 3 headed to the flagstand to complete the 5th lap when the guy beside me lost control of his car and hit the wall. I seen it coming so I am practically in the infield, doing everything I can to not get hit. Well I get hit anyway and he turns me sideways and my tire pops and my rim digs in and up and over I go and when all the flipping stops I end up up on top of the other racers

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