My Napshots-Personal Narrative

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In the year of 2013 I was inexperienced, audacious, whimsical child with nothing short of glimmering eagerness in my eyes. If only it were true. This snapshot captured my physical self, however not the future person I wanted to become. In this memoir I am looking out into the world. I was wide eyed, and smiling a deceitful smile for the world. However the rest of my body and my heart is facing the opposite direction. My heart wanted more; my heart is the only veracious part of my snapshot. I am wearing my competition cheerleading uniform with my hair and makeup done to perfection, yet no one else was worried about my heart that day, only my looks. In 2013 I lived in a familiar place I called home. 14 years of playing in the Cochran sun, playing…show more content…
I knew more about the man that walked up and down the main street of town, than I knew myself. I always felt as if I was fleeing from something , yet I could never get to my destination. I was always looking for something so irretrievable it should have been forgotten. I asked myself, “Who was this girl staring back at me in the mirror?”. Is she alive or just another lifeless soul blowing in the wind? My friends saw the perfectly staged makeup on the outside, and the truth of my heart on the inside. They knew my favorite color, number, and favorite food. My friends knew my greatest fears and sorrows. They knew me better than I knew myself. I felt safe and content in my old tiny town, until a tornado came in over the rainbow, and turned my world upside down. My mirror caught the worst of the storm, and shattered into a million minute pieces. Pieces so small to the point I could not see who I was…show more content…
I did not take any photographs in this new place because I did not want to smile without my old friends. I did not think I could be happy without them. Little did I know God had a new life planned for me full of new “first”. I took my first steps into my new town and school. I met my new best friend who happened to be the first person I talked to my new school. I took my first advanced placement class which prepared me for the real world;not the candy cotton clouds I was told about in my old town. I lead my first school club in my new school. I was The Tift County High School Science Club. I met my first love here in Tifton. In what at first seemed like a hopeless minefield, however life now seems to be a land of life. I was introduced into an entirely new line of thinking. Moving gave me the first opportunity feel

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