1984 Criticism Analysis

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1984 Criticism 1984 by George Orwell was published in 1949. Since it was let out for the public to read, it has caused a lot of controversy. There are several websites criticising Orwell and his book. I found one in particular that was very fascinating to see this person's point of view on 1984. Robbie Blair had several points to make about the book. At first he mentioned a lot of things he disliked about Orwell. He In the beginning of Robbie Blairs article he talks about some facts about Orwell. He said that Orwell was once a communist, but later saw the heartlessness of it. He later became one of the harshest critics of it, especially during the time of Josef Stalin. I did some research on this information from Blair’s article. Most of the websites that I found said that Orwell criticized communism but he was a socialist. Blair states, “Orwells imagination was a reflection of his time.” Orwell used what was going on at the time for ideas for his book. He said, “The mustachioed figure of "Big Brother" is a hair's breadth away from…show more content…
Blair says this was was a thesis for Orwell, “We need capitalism to make the world better because capitalism allows women to paint their faces beyond the point of reconcilability—and that's what makes them really desirable. In fact, that's what makes them real women.” Some of the quotes from the book made women sound like objects or sluts. “He learned with astonishment that all the workers in pornosec, except the head of the department, were girls.” (131) I think that could be taken as a sexist comment. It does sound like he thinks that all girls are part of the pornosec and they are treated like objects by men. I think that 1984 is just a book and it shouldn’t be a problem that a character in the book has an opinion on makeup. Orwell might have written it in the book, but no one will ever know if that’s how he feels about women

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