How To Write An Essay About The Movie Apollo 13

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Movie Clip: Apollo 13 – Scene 3 Third, I would like to discuss the movie “Apollo 13”, which had its premier in 1995 and is based on the real Apollo 13 lunar mission. The movie is categorized as a historical docudrama. This scene is about finding a way to decrease the CO2 level in the spaceship, which has been having a problem with an increasing CO2 level. The crew on earth has to find a way to solve the problem before the astronauts are dying from a too high level of carbon dioxide. The earth crew figured out that there is a carbon dioxide level problem in the spaceship due to three people being in an area that was originally designed for two, however, due to unexpected circumstances they cannot use the spaceship the way how it was designed to be used. The leader on earth gets the earth crew together and challenges them by having to find a way how to make a square filter fit into a round filter or of finding a way how to use a square filter. As a background, in the unusable part there are filters that could help to decrease the CO2 level, however, due to a design flaw the filters from there do not fit in the other area of the spaceship.…show more content…
Furthermore, which is most important to me, he enables his team on earth to act by themselves and to come up with any solution, no matter how creative it might be, with the given materials that they have available. The leader encourages them by saying that they have to figure out what to do with the stuff that they have and mentioning that the astronauts need help as soon as possible. Smart people can see the

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