Greek Religion Vs. Apollo: Greek Gods

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Name Lecturer Course Date Ares and Apollo Ares and Apollo are both Greek Gods who were in charge of different things and could perform different tasks according to the power vested on them. Both are associated to mythical beliefs that are common especially in the ancient Greek. Ares as a god of war and violence is depicted as a very fierce god. Most of his encounters were very fierce and involved in blood shed most of the time. As a god of was, Ares was often overshadowed by other males in war and it is indicated that he could be wounded most of the time, but treated and returned to the battle. On the other hand, Apollo is depicted as the god of a number of things as opposed to Ares. Apollo was “…the Greek god of music, knowledge, prophecy,…show more content…
Perhaps this had been the cause of the affairs with the other goddesses as most of them were known to be unfaithful to their spouses. Ares is associated with love affairs with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. He is said to have tricked the husband and went into an affair which was witnessed and reported. When it comes to love, Ares played better games than Apollo who ran quite futile love affairs most of the times. Some of the recorded love stories of Apollo always ended up as…show more content…
While Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and lust, Athena represented many things. She is known as one of the most decorated goddesses of the Greeks. Athena was the “…goddess of intelligent which mainly was associated with skill. At the same time, she is associated with warfare, peace, wisdom and battle…” (Clay 227) Her ability to perform these many tasks was an honor and is always referred to as one of the most decorated of all the Greek goddesses. This is a close comparison to Apollo who was the Greek god of music, knowledge, arts, prophecy, healing and poetry. Both of them are associated with parents who were also famous and powerful in the history of the Greeks. Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus who was the king of gods and Dione who was the earthly mother of the goddesses. This makes her very powerful especially from such a background. On the other hand, Athena is traced from Zeus. Though the mother is not clearly stated, it is said that she was born from the head of Zeus as a fully formed female and armed for

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