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The Dust Bowl The dust bowl was a time where the drought had picked up the topsoil from fields and blown it into the air creating a monster storm of black clouds that could kill someone if they inhaled it. In the Oklahoma Panhandles and parts of Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico, the devastation of the storm was horrendous.(“Dust Bowl” HISTORY) Livestock, homes, and fields were all ruined by the blowing dirt. The dust bowl was a disaster which caused many Americans to lose their homes, farming equipment, and fields. In the late 1930’s, the prices of wheat skyrocketed and caused many American’s to plow their fields to grow wheat so that they could feed their families.The price of wheat went up due to the drought, which sent many farmers searching for options. Many of the farmers decided that in order to make their living and keep their families alive they would have to plant some and hope it…show more content…
(“The Dust Bowl”) The wind was so strong in some places that it even broke through windows and tore apart the siding on some homes. (“Dust Bowl” HISTORY) Farmers lost their livestock in the fields because they could not see through the dark, dirty clouds of dust. Livestock were killed by suffocation from the dust, some were even cut open and the insides of their stomachs were completely full of topsoil. The families in the great plains had to worry about all of their belongings, all of the money that they had lost due to the wind ruining all of their plantable soil, they had to worry about the safety of their family and their homes being destroyed as well, many were left homeless and jobless with nowhere to go and no one to help them.(“Dust Bowl” Gale Encyclopedia) Life for the people during the Dust Bowl was very difficult and they were never actually sure when or if they would ever be able to make their fields fertile

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