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Mesocosm Design Lab (Practical #5) Anshul Krishnan : 11M Task: Design, set up, monitor and evaluate a sealed mesocosm, with a view to achieving a sustainable model. ———————————————————————————————————————— Defining The Problem: A Mesocosm is a designed natural environment which can be manipulated and can be controlled. The Main purpose of building a mesocosm is to be able to observe nature’s balance without human intervention; something that has been destroying our planet’s environment since time immemorial. Humans have had a profoundly adverse impact on the environment however the humans were initially created to keep a certain balance which to some extent we keep today by consuming animal meat and plants that could potentially be excessive in…show more content…
Place the piece of fine netting over the neck of the bottle and secure it with the rubber band. Fill the bottom with about an inch of gravel then with a couple inches of regular soil,Carefully placing the earthworm somewhere towards the bottom of the soil sector. ( Note the bottle is upside down, with the neck being the gravel bedrock.) Step 8: Plant the rye seeds on the top, watering it with 20 ml of water. Step 9: Replace the bottom (cut in step 3) to your top floor bottle and secure it with several layers of duct tape. You might want to have the top edge of the cut bottle fit slightly down inside of the bottom edge of the other bottle (and that's when the bottle is upside down and the soil is in the spout) because as moisture collects in the top part it will trickle down the walls and if the seal isn't tight enough water will be leaked outside. Step 10: Slip the taped up bottle(Top Floor) down into the coupler pushing the taped bottles edges down into the coupler(as if sliding a phone into a pouch cover), secure it with duct tape and then slip the bottom edge of the coupler down into the top edge of the water-filled bottom floor in the same manner. Secure it with several layers duct

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