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What can you bring to DreamPots?: Well I will try my hardest at all times to improve the community by removing hackers and toxic players that make the environment look bad, I also have one of those personalities to convince toxic people to be nice well I think I do because I have got the aggressiveness and anger out of a lot of people so that may help the community I will also always be recording hackers so it will backup my bans so there is not a lot of drama. if i can manage to get staff i will be very active on TeamSpeak and I'm also very good at Communicating with people as I'm a very fair person. i would also say i can be an angry person and by angry i mean if someone is getting punished and is being toxic i will not be rude back, I'll just extend their punishment. (i will never make up my…show more content…
And through the previous years iv'e learned how to attract more people as im very influencing and i make things sound intreiging to play im also starting a new youtube since my 1.1k channel got terminated so it would be good for a staff serires to motivate it. I consider my self kind and mature.When a player needs help for anything like a command or something i'll probably be the first one to reply to him and I am on probably 12+ Hours a day so i'll always be there for the people that need help so yeah I consider my self kind,mature,helpful,active. My greatest strength My Overall strength is Probally making my point Clear to others as i explain my point, and if im right i will always make it clear that im right. if im wrong i will admitt im wrong since my honesty is very trust worthy and believable. My greatest weakness Currently, after i started playing mc ive realised i get affected by what people say to me. as im a really unconfident person as i will not always think im doing the right thing even if i am. and i find making a decision hard as i will always ask someone for their opinion Thank you for dedicating your time to read
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