Hip Hop Subculture Analysis

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Misunderstood Music The sound of metal shells hitting the hard concrete ground, the sight of abandoned homes with overgrown grass everywhere, the feel of every eye that's on the street corner staring at you when you pass by and from a distance is a group of thugs yelling and putting up hand signs. This “image” of Rap is associated with violence, drugs, guns, and undesirables. Rap is one of the most recognizable music genres in the Hip Hop subculture. Fortunately, like the human race, it is evolving. In fact both Rap and the Hip Hop subculture have the more recognizable artist names than any other musical genre. Names such as 2pac, Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, Beyonce, Drake, J.Cole, Macklemore, Kanye West, 50 cent, Dr Dre, and Ice T among many,…show more content…
With his last album, “2014 Forest Hills Drive,” he showed a house representing his original childhood house and its address. The actual address is the name of the album. After finishing his album he bought back his childhood house. He plans on helping a single mother, like his, by letting her live in the house with her children rent free or almost rent free, so these children can experience what he did, growing up and moving up and out of the ghetto. Another current positive example of Rap is Macklemore, also known as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who are a sixty one times nominated and twenty four times award winning Hip Hop duo (“Macklemore Bio”). Formed as a duo in 2008 in Seattle, Washington the two met at a photo shoot event and have been best friends ever since (“Macklemore Bio”). From their first release In 2009, any time you hear one of their songs, it's a hit and it has tons of cultural awareness and social commentaries (“Macklemore Bio”). “Thrift Shop” is a song that brings awareness of our society's obsession with expensive, brand name clothes. Making fun of it and at the same time, giving great advice on how to save money, it’s a happy song at the expense of our expensive

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