Doug Murren: There's No Place Like Home

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During Doug Murren’s time in college, he worked at an apple juice factory. One year he was in charge of climate control for the apple storage room. This experience became useful when he became the leader of a church. He found out that a pastor is a “climate control” specialist of the church. The church environment is essential for a church to provide healing. “It has been documented repeatedly that a strong “high-touch” environment that is, one that offers very human benefits like friendship, encouragement, and a sense of community – enhances the immune system.” (p. 40) This carries over into the church environment which is made up of humans. Spiritually healthy people equal a healing environment. Murren will show what a healing environment is and what it looks like. There’s No Place Like Home…show more content…
A place of familiar surroundings allow a person to feel comfortable and accepted. “Attaining and maintaining that at-home environment for God is essential to the task of becoming a church that heals.” (p. 42) The Bible has the instructions for preparing a comfortable place for God. The Old Testament refers to the “Shekinah glory” of the Lord, which refers to the presence of God coming into a place and upon His people. His presence transformed “toxic environments into health-filled ones by the power of His grace.” (p. 42) What can the people do to create such an environment? First, we must be willing to take responsibility and get help when needed. Second, we must be willing to work one act of love at a time. Any progress is good. Finally, we must pursue God above all (p. 43). As the Scriptures says we are to pursue God with our whole heart and in so doing create a positive chemistry of healing. God presence is the focal point for healing. We are the instruments to bring people into His

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