Jeff Khoons Accomplishments

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The person I am researching for art appreciation is the legendary artist Jeff Khoons, who created many of the finest works known in art history. He was born on January 21, 1955 in York, Pennsylvania. His artist career consists of him being a painter, illustrator, and a sculptor. One of the things that majorly influenced Jeff Khoons was the Jim Nutt exhibition, which was held in Whitney in 1974. At the time he was a student and he transferred to the School of Art Institute of Chicago to further advance in his artistic abilities being influenced by the work he previously saw, “It was then I transferred to school in Chicago, all because of that show.”After about 7 years later he staged his first show and become fully emerged in a style of art that consisted of pop, conceptual, craft, and appropriation.…show more content…
He would often go door to door and he sold candy and wrapping paper to earn pocket money. He was known to never beg or deceive for money. At the time, his father was a interior designer and furniture dealer. His mother on the other hand was a seamstress. He states because his father’s career he was heavily influenced into the world of art. The reason for this is because, as he would check the items in the interior of the home and at the furniture store, he would realize each item presented would have its own sense of being. This is where the influential aspect came from, as you look at many of his first artworks as he has a certain style for placing the objects such as, the vacuum. Also as you look at his artworks from the same era and furthermore the artworks all have one thing is common, which is the need for sense of being and

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