Animal Farm Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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In 1945, George Orwell published his classic “Animal Farm.” The book was incredibly successful, and is still widely read today. As is the case with most popular novels, a movie adaptation has been made of “Animal Farm”. The movie was not received well and is a failure when compared to the quality of the book. Ultimately, the book was a better story primarily due to the fact the movie lacked proper storytelling, lacked the characterization of the book, and missed the symbolism that made the book well-known. These three combinations combined to make the movie not compelling to the original audience of the book. The movie is set in a future after the majority of the events of the story had occurred. The story is narrated in first-person through Jesse the dog, compared to the third-person omniscient the book used. This change removed the non-bias the original story had left with the view and instead told the viewer how they should react to the events that were occurring. The pacing of the story was also drastically changed for the movie. The movie’s run-time was around an hour and a half, which…show more content…
For example, the novel’s version of Boxer was an incredibly dumb, loyal, and hardworking horse, but the movie changed his intelligence and made him smarter. This changed how his choices were viewed within the movie, however this was somewhat minimal. Multiple characters were either missing or became cameos. Moses the Raven only made a couple of appearances, the cat and Mr. Whymper were totally missing, and Molly’s story was never explained. The novel used this plethora of characters with the variety of personalities as an entertaining way to present a farm’s animal hierarchy. These personalities are what made the story interesting and still encaptivating to readers who were unaware about the political and social issues the book

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