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Environmentalists are a key component when it comes to the environment. They deal with several issues and concerns about the environment. Their daily concern is how they can save and protect the environment. One very interesting environmentalist is Jack Johnson. Many know this name from a professor or a boxer, but this particular environmentalist happens to be a musician. Jack Johnson was born on May 18th, 1975 in Oahu, Hawaii. His father, Jeff Johnson is a surf legend. Jack is the youngest of three children. Jack was not only a musician, he was also a singer-song writer, composer, actor, record producer, record label owner, documentary film maker and a pro surfer. When jack was young he picked up a talent for surfing from his father. Jack…show more content…
He then started focusing on playing guitar which he had been doing since the time he was fourteen. Not only did he start playing guitar but he also started writing songs as well. Many musicians have a specific subject that the write about. Jack’s first song that he ever wrote was of course about surfing. The main topic he writes about is the environment. Jack also writes sing-alongs for children which makes him number two on the charts for sing-alongs. He sold 149,000 copies. The very first album he ever wrote was “Brushfire Fairytales”. Before Jack became famous for his music, he went to the University of California in Santa Barbara. He graduated in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in film studies. Jack helped direct small budget films. He also owns mango tree studio which is located in Hawaii. Many of these small budget film were about surfing. When he got recognized for his musical talent it inspired him to use music as a purpose. Once he started making his fortune he use it to assemble charities. He also donated twenty-five million dollars to environmental cases. His determination was set towards helping preserve the lushes’ beaches and the overall environment of Hawaii. Jack Johnson is considered to be a hero for

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