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In New Jersey, the year of 1864, a future important figure in the modern photographic world, Alfred Stieglitz, was born. Photographic critics have mentioned that his images showed his “mastery of tone and texture and reveled in exploring atmospherics” (The Art Story) In this article, the writer means that Alfred Stieglitz always used a distinct combination of different tones, textures, and atmospheres that were unique; no other photograph, not by any other artist more were they able to be replicated, were the same way. Since the beginning of his photographic era, he always strived to gain recognition of the distinct effects that were similar to those of other fine arts, such as painting. “Stieglitz's early work often balances depictions of soft, ephemeral, natural processes with motifs drawn from American industry ().” His later images showed the deterioration of Pictorial photography and the advance of a new path that was a revealer of truths about the contemporary world. This world was based more on geometric concepts, effects of acute spotlight, and high contrast. One of the most known images of Stieglitz is The Steerage, an image taken in 1907. This image is a combination of evidence of the time as well as one of the first works of modern art. Around the same time period, in the year 1859, Robert Demachy was born. In his formative years, he cultivated himself in music, painting, and literature. He is most noted for his profoundly manipulated prints that showed a…show more content…
He says things the way they were; the images he took were of historic things that were not modified to make an image look better. His images showed things as they were, regardless of how old they were or how well they were kept. Stieglitz had images that were also straightforward. The Steerage is a simple image taken of a bunch of people on a boat from the second deck facing

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