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Parshawn Farokhifard Discussion Forum: Are We Rome? People say that America is to great to fail, that America is the best place to live, the land of the free. America wasn’t the first biggest powerhouse ever. There have been other empires that were thought to be invisible (never thought they would fail). For example before America there was the biggest empire before America was founded. That other empire would be the Roman Empire, which was founded in 753 B.C. The Romans were the biggest empire for 12 centuries of being on the top of the food chain. To me America reminds me a lot of the Roman Empire because right now America is the biggest force to deal with and they have the biggest “empire” right now. But they are also extremely different in my eyes as well.…show more content…
When Roma overthrew the monarchy the Roman’s established a republican form government, which ushered in the era of Republic. The overthrow of the monarchy happened by nobles who experienced loss of power. The overthrow wasn’t a patriotic uprising but a attempt to keep the Roman nobles maintained their position of power. To me this kind of reminds of America trying to gain their independence from England. I know the battle for America was way bigger but the reason for fighting is kind of the same in my eyes. For example America wanted out of the British Empire because they wanted their own independence and rule America the way they wanted not the way the British wanted to run America. It’s kind of the same with Rome. Rome wanted revenge from the monarchy and Rome wanted it’s own republic. To me that’s one area were the Romans and America were the same, they fought for what they

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