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Disc Golf Research Paper Disc golf is not the most played sport, but it is growing quickly and is a very fun and affordable sport to participate in. You can buy a disc for as little as seven dollars and nearly 90% of disc golf courses do not require players to pay to play. This makes many people willing to give it a try as it does not require a large financial investment. Disc golf is a very new sport and it may become one of the most popular sports in the world. Edward Headrick patented the frisbee (see figure 1) on on December 26, 1967 which he later used to invent the sport of disc golf when he founded the Disc Golf Association as well as the Professional Disc Golf association in 1976 and created the World Frisbee Championships. Steady Ed, the name he is often referred to by, then created the Disc Pole Hole(see figure 2) which is a structure used as a target in disc golf. He then went on to set up several of these targets establishing the first official disc golf course in Los Angeles. Steady Ed created…show more content…
A discs glide corresponds to it’s ability to float in the air. Glide is rated on a scale from one to seven with one being very little glide and seven being lots of glide. Many discs fall in the range of four to six for glide however there are some exceptions. With regards to understanding why discs have glide, it is important to note that in air, speed is inversely proportional to pressure. Glide, or lift, is created because a discs flight plate is shaped like a dome meaning that air has a farther distance to travel in order to get over the disc than under the disc. Because of this phenomenon it is necessary for the air traveling over the disc to be moving faster than the air traveling under the disc. As mentioned before, air speed is inversely proportional to air pressure meaning that there must be more pressure under the disc than there is above the disc causing the disc to have more lift and thus more

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