Political Cartoon: United States During The Vietnam War

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Political Cartoon 1: November 1, 1962: "LET'S GET A LOCK FOR THIS THING" This cartoon depicts President John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet Premier) attempting to contain a monstrous creature in a crate labeled "Nuclear War". This toon suggests the opposition and worries political leaders may have had following events of war such as the Missile Crisis. The cartoonists uses Horatian humor, exaggeration, and personification to convey the worrisome and "monstrous" qualities Nuclear Weaponry had as well as the fearful and desperate expressions in both the U.S President and Soviet Premier's faces. Political Cartoon 2: August 1, 1967: "There's money enough to support both of you - Now does that make you feel better?" This cartoon depicts the overspending of the U.S in the Vietnam War. The artist made a strong effort to highlight the financial neglect of the the urban needs. He made sure to depict "Vietnam" as a well fed woman flooded with expensive clothing and jewels and, to highlight poor conditions, he depicted "U.S Urban Needs" as a scrawny woman who seems to be poorly dressed.…show more content…
The cartoon is a parody as it is mocking President Nixon's "I am not a crook" statement which is written on both tapes. It also cleverly notes that as more exposing tapes continue to release, the president is increasingly unable to maintain. The cartoonist sought out the convey the fall of President Nixon as his hypocrisy became exposed to the world. Political Cartoon 4: February 22, 1977: "ONE

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