Disadvantages Of Microaggression

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Codes of speech are doing its job by protecting the weak and making no progress in any argument. A policy which protect people from offensive language or disparaging remarks. No one could say words that is straight forward any more. Freedom of expression is totally destroyed by codes of speech. People are not that fragile, codes of speech is not an excuse for you to run away from things you don’t want to hear. From the article “The Myth of the Ever-More-Fragile College Student”, I can see that adults try so hard to fabricate that college students are mentally weak freaks. Marano;According to the 2014 Center for College Mental Health report, “24 percent of students purposely injure themselves without the intent to kill themselves. The number…show more content…
Microaggression is an insults or dismissals regularly witnessed non-black Americans inflict on immigrate Americans. By saying stereotype things and people finds it offensive. First at all, Microaggression is not opinion or feedback in argument. It is pure insult. Safe space is not going help, because it is simply straight forward hate and the bullies want to say it so bad. Form the article,” The Coddling of the American Mind”, they are misleading our mind. They are trying to imply microaggression is caused by weak coddling kids’ mental. We are not delusional disorder, but I am sure if someone is fooling around with your traditional cloth in Halloween taking photos, you might find it a bit offended. Like always the media put their target on the internet. “social-media natives” may be different from members of previous generations in how they go about sharing their moral judgments and supporting one another in moral campaigns and conflicts.” it is not about the generation, what is right is always right. The writers point out rates of mental illness in young adults have been rising, “54 percent of college students surveyed said that they had “felt overwhelming anxiety” in the past 12 months.” Again this is overgeneralization, because they are doing research on partial inclination. Everyone is living, therefore life is full of fail and despair. Nothing to do with psychology. The article went off topic again. Students are sometime overreact but when words come out with ill will that is violence with no

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