Disadvantages Of Lic Credit Card

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LIC Credit card are offered in partnership with the Axis Bank to provide its card holder and customers with attractive benefits and unique offers. LIC credit card welcomes one with grace in the world of privileges and comforts. The cards are all set to make your spending fruitful, rewarding, convenient and memorable. The LIC credit card offers a powerful reward programme, fuel surcharge refund, and complimentary insurance cover. There are mainly four types of LIC credit card. LIC Gold Credit Card: An exclusive credit card which captures the essence of premium lifestyle and brings amazing complimentary discounts, offers and benefits. LIC Titanium Credit Card: A credit card packed with soaring travel discounts, offers and benefits to make your…show more content…
This can be done conveniently by logging into Bank’s Online Banking account using the internet banking username and password to make quick and easy payments. This method allows payment through account transfer – anytime, anywhere. The customer can view his/her statement online and then decide – the minimum due amount, total amount or any amount of choice to be paid. Bill Desk One can make the LIC credit card bill payment in a secure and convenient manner using this option – anytime and anywhere from any bank account to the credit card account. After selecting one’s bank, card details and the amount to be paid, one is automatically redirected to the bank’s payment interface where the transaction is authenticated before final payment. This is a secure site and users must agree to the sites terms and condition before making the payment. Visa Credit Card Payment This creative and comfortable service allows transfer of funds from the customer’s bank account to any Visa credit card issued in India. It is possible to send money to over 27 million Visa card holders in India in preferably short span of time. A fee may be levied by the initiating bank when using Visa Money…show more content…
All you have to do is fill the cash deposit slip with required details and deposit the cash at the teller counter. The teller accepts the cash payment and hands over a receipt. Remember to collect your receipt from the bank before leaving the bank. This is the oldest and most trusted method of making any of payment. Payment through cheque and draft: If you are running out of cash, then you can easily make the credit card payment without any hassles by drawing a cheque or demand draft in favour of LIC 16 digit credit card number. Just follow these simple steps mentioned below to pay your LIC credit card bill using cheque or demand draft. • Draw a draft or cheque in favour of LIC - 16 digit credit card number • The cheque or the draft can be presented at any of the MINC Bill boxes • To know your nearest MINC bill box location, refer to the list given on LIC cards website or contact LIC You can also drop cheques in any of the MINC Bill boxes. Visit www.liccards.co.in for MINC bill box location any other additional details. Electronic Clearing System

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