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Story: Diabolik Lovers, More Blood, what is there to say about it.I guess a good place to start is the beginning. Diabolic Lovers spelled with a "K" for some reason, was about something called a sacrificial bride as you all might of been already aware. Now this season is about Christian symbolism with Eve and Adam for ones unaware of the story of Eve and Adam you will be very confused since everything about the story completely relies on you being a Christian.If you aren't well....f*** I guess you'll forever be completely lost in the great abyss since you are never told what the story was. Anyway, let's start talking about the consistent references to Adam and Eve, or maybe I should just start with the story. You know what let me explain the…show more content…
Not only are they flaw-filled characters with weak character building only there to get sympathy. They also have a lot of moments of trolling you( This mostly applies to Kou). For example, the first time you meet Kou alone, he seems like a breath of fresh air and actually being genuinely nice for a change, but then... Tah dah! He's actually really selfish and did that one nice deed for her blood. It's even worse when you know his backstory and how his spoiled brat line of "you have to give something in return" relates to it. As for the other three brothers, one enjoys his own misery, the other one is basically Reiji, and the last one is a bad boy stereotype. There I just summed up all the new characters in a nutshell. With all of their character building being just like the other bunch of brothers with only a little bit more details still not enough for good and complete character building, though. The other characters are exactly how you remembered them personality wise. As for the character interactions/relationships, nothing really changed there either. Yui is still a lifeless doll despite my wish of coming in here and seeing her actually having a backbone. The relationships are still fairly confusing with the brothers still being indecisive of either being scary and lustful towards Yui or a love interest. And the characters' relationships never grows, just like the first seasons' development. Overall, the characters suck, as usual, just a little more this

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