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Question How does a car on a dynamic track with different rates of speed and mass have an impact on a stationary car during collision? Problem being addressed Cars on the road are a very interesting topic and I would like to know how mass and speed can play a role in road safety. Speed limits are always changing in the country so my experiment would also help me understand if speed limits play a role in car collisions. Hypothesis Mass will change how quickly a car will be able to change its speed because of the amount of weight on the car. The increase of speed and mass will have an impact on the car because the amount of force and pressure applied onto the other car will be much greater, causing it to move back more. Background Research A collision is a process…show more content…
I will make sure that my method is set out properly and that I follow out my method. 2. I will make sure that I safely lay out my dynamic track and car. 3. I do not know how a dynamic car works, so in order for my experiment to come out fair, I will need to research information about the dynamic car. I should have a science teacher supervising my experiment in case something goes wrong. Method 1. Set out the dynamic track on a table in the science lab, I will make sure that there is nothing in the way and that it is clear 2. I will collect all the equipment that I will need to conduct the experiment. 3. Measure the mass of car A 4. Connect the accelerating fan to car A 5. Place the force sensor (in this case the replacement of a stationary car) on the opposite side of car A, at least 40 cm away 6. I will start the car at a low speed with no mass pieces on it. After car A collides with the force sensor, using the force sensor I will be able to see the amount of force that was applied by car A 7. I will increase the speed of the car as well as the mass on the car and measure how far back the force sensor moved. 8. Repeat the previous step 5 times, taking note of how far back car B

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