Ellis Island Analysis

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Bateman-House, Alison, and Amy Fairchild . “Medical Examination of Immigrants at Ellis Island.” Virtual Mentor, American Medical Association, 5 May 2010, journalofethics.ama-assn.org/2008/04/mhst1-0804.html. Alison Bateman-House has a PhD and a MOH from Columbia University. She is an assistant professor, department of population health, at NYU. Amy Fairchild is a professor of sociomedical sciences at Columbia University. The article details the inspection “lines” at Ellis Island and the medical procedures for the immigrants who were deemed ill. Also covered in the article are the current medical procedure taken for immigrants. The article’s learning objective is to learn the procedures of medical inspections conducted by the Public Health…show more content…
Bayor is a professor for history at Georgia Tech, former president of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society, and a founding editor to the Journal of American Ethnic History. Among his nanny books is Encountering Ellis Island: How European Immigrants Entered America. Bayor’s grandparents immigrated through Ellis island. Encountering Ellis Island covers many details of an immigrant’s trip including How and why immigrants come to America, how they were processed, how newcomers dealt with delays and coped with detainment or rejection, how immigration staff and others viewed their work, and how immigrants responded to entering America. Throughout the entire book Baylor provides intriguing narrative, quotes, and…show more content…
Shapiro. Ellis Island: an illustrated history of the immigrant experience. Edited by Fred Wasserman, Macmillan, 1991. Ivan Chermayeff was a Russian-born British architect and industrial designer. He was a writer and co-founder of several architectural societies, including the American Society of Planners and Architects. Mary J. Shapiro as a writer, researcher, and speech writer. Their book on Ellis island is an illustrated history of the immigrants’ experience at Ellis Island. The book includes information and images on peak immigration years, through America's gate, treasures from home, and island chronicles. The picture book is supported with facts, statistics, and quotes. “Ellis Island History .” The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island , The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., 0AD,

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