Differences Between Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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The story, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. From the beginning of the story you can clearly identify drastic differences between the two main characters, Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll, but by the end of the fourth and fifth chapters you can see their differences are more than just skin deep, and their personalities are complete opposites as well. Which brings the question, are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the same person with split personalities? It is described in story that Mr. Hyde is a very odd, sinister looking man. Another character in the story described him as “displeasing,” “dwarfish” and “deformed”; while later other characters added that he had an evil look to him as well. Dr. Jekyll on the other hand was described to be a complete opposite. The narrator of the story describes Dr. Jekyll’s character as “large,” “well-made,” “smooth faced,” and also stylish and handsome. Dr. Jekyll was a good friend to many and had lots of people who cared for him. Mr. Hyde however often caused disgust or discomfort on direct sight for most people with the negative and evil feel and appearance he gave off.…show more content…
Jekyll was described as a kind man; you can further see this how he dedicates everything in his will to his good friend, Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll is very likeable and liked by the people around him, he was smooth talking and very educated and had a very lovable persona. Mr. Hyde was evil and also an accused murderer; which says enough on its own… But upon meeting him for the first time you would think that he was malformed and weird. The two could be more different but somehow managed to be close
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