How Does Mary's Change In The Secret Garden

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In the book The Secret Garden the main character changes in multiple ways before the halfway mark in the book. In the beginning of the story Mary was described as disagreeable, spoiled and always bored. Now in the story Mary has made friends, found new interests, and is not the disagreeable, spoiled girl she was before. If Mary had not changed the story would have not been as good as it is. A foremost reason why Mary’s change is meaningful to the book is because when Mary first came to her uncle's house she was bored all the time. Mary did not have the same desire to find the garden. Mary assumed that the moor (where her uncle's home was) was bleak. When Mary started making friends and a jump rope was given to her by one of her friends, Mary started to explore. One of Mary's friends showed her how things grow and that helped her love the secret garden. That is the first reason why I believe the Mary's character change made the story more enjoyable.…show more content…
On Mary's first day at her uncle's home she woke up and asked the servant in her room to dress her. When Mary lived in India she had servants to dress her now, on the moor she had to learn to do things herself. After a few day Mary started to do things for herself and not rely on the help of servants. As the book progressed the spoiled part of Mary faded into the past. That is another way then Mary's character change made the story great rather than

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