Difference Between Chinese Mythology And Norse Mythology

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In this paper I will discuss some of the many differences between Norse Mythology and Chinese Mythology. The term “Mythology” is often used to describe a religion but during this paper I will use this term to mean a set of myths that are unique to a single culture. Mythology for the Norse was very different from the Chinese. Not only do they differ in deities but they also in the way that they process the world around them. Norse Mythology originated in Scandinavia and was a collection of myths that spread with the Viking expansion. It was a polytheistic religion that did not have a strict moral code. It eventually spread from Scandinavia with the Vikings expansion. However the actual religion died out __ years after Christianity started to makes it course around Europe. In Norse Mythology,…show more content…
It took an extremely long amount of time to achieve high status, i.e a point were certain myths were widely known. It was not focused to a single area but spread out over an extremely large area. Chinese Mythology was influenced greatly by Confuciasm, Buddhism and Daoism. These three religions were what make Chinsese mythology so unique. Unlike most other Polytheistic mythologies, Chinese Mythology did have a moral code. If you did things that were considered evil then you were punished and if you did good you were rewarded, there was a heaven and hell. This was mainly due to the contributions from Buddism. In Budhism there is the concept of reincarnation. So the reward for doing good was continued existence in a universe that never ends. Not only was the culture a radical difference but also the way this mythology was spread. Norse Myths were spread by the tongue. During the long hard winters people would gather around the fire and listen to a bard sing eddas. Eddas were long poems that told tales from the beginning of the world to Ragnorak. They were sung with a special rhythm and drums were sometimes

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