1984 Propaganda Analysis

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In the book 1984, the leading party uses many propagandas to control their people and maintain their power over these people. For example the slogans the party uses, like 'War is Peace,' 'Freedom is Slavery,' and 'Ignorance is Strength', all play a crucial role in destroying the capacities of people to make their own decisions. As people continually see these propagandas, they unconsciously accept the implement of the party. The telescreen is another strong medium used as a propaganda to manipulate the people. ‘Propaganda’ refers to the spread of information that is manipulated in a biased nature, usually used to publicize a particular political view. The process of propaganda is as follows. It starts out when an institution initiates propaganda…show more content…
Watching television is most susceptible to being mind controlled by propaganda because it programs us; hence it puts us in a hypnotic state. A man named Herbert Krugman conducted an experiment back in 1969 where he found out that our brainwaves switched from beta waves to alpha waves while watching television, and back to beta waves when we stopped. Alpha waves are experienced in a relaxed, “daydreaming” state, and beta waves are experienced when we are conscious and “fully awake”. When a person is in the Alpha state, s/he is subjected to be very passive with whatever information that is processed, therefore not being judicious. This is the reason why the majority easily gets mind controlled from the mass media, making television the easiest way to send out…show more content…
It actually exists much closer than we think, for instance, the Time Magazine. This familiar magazine is one of the leaders when it comes to delivering of world news, yet it is also a typical propaganda. The Time magazine tends to sanitize their covers for Americans only. If we look at their magazines dispersed around the world, we can see that only the ones in America are featured differently in order to increase American consumption. Furthermore, as for the television propaganda which is propagated the most, CNN must be mentioned. CNN is especially a strong propaganda when it comes to depiction of warlike dangers. They tend to create a sense of urgent danger or dramatic situations by exaggerating their subjects. This causes people to form a sense of danger even when they are actually safe. For example, CNN woke up people's senses when the Syria war occurred. They dubbed in sound effects and played chaotic videos next to a Syrian correspondent. In the video, one tape captures the safe environment of the correspondent while in the other, theatrical effects are dubbed in with the footage. This sensationalistic delivery of the CNN can be considered a propaganda since it manipulates the mind of people in a biased way even though the real danger is actually menial. Some advertisements also contain aspects of propaganda. Whether we don't realize it or we don't strive to realize it, many

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