Sparta And Athens Comparison Essay

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Athens and Sparta were two very different and at the same time similar civilizations. Sparta was a very militarized society where the growth in economy and population was important. Athens was a democratic society where growth in economy and population was also important. Overall a comparison of Athens and Sparta reveals the many differences between civilizations in this period in time but at the same time shows many similarities. Athens was a civilization with a government built around democracy. Although, not all people were able to participate in voting and public affairs, only free adult men were allowed with those responsibilities. Women in Athens were suppressed, they were not allowed outside, and when their husbands had people over they were to remain upstairs and unseen. Athens had a remarkable maritime trade going. This brought much wealth to Athens. Sparta had a highly militaristic based government. Kids grew up to be in the military and started at the young age of seven. They were…show more content…
During the time period women would much rather live in Sparta. They would have far more rights, women in Sparta were allowed to play sports and exercise alongside men. This is because the idea in Sparta is to produce fertile offspring, breed to fight. Whereas in Athens, women were hardly seen. Athens culture believed that women were more reserved and not to be seen as much. When a man would have friends over, the wife would have to hide during the time of the friends being there. Another difference between the Athens culture and the Spartan culture is that Athens was concentrated on trading whereas Sparta was more focused on agriculture. Sparta was huge on agriculture mainly because of the fertile land they lived in. Athens was interested in trading and it was mostly maritime trading. This is because they were located right on the water and brought wealth to Athens as well as neighboring cultures around

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