Athens Vs Sparta Research Paper

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Athens and Sparta may be close on a map but are immensely far apart when it comes to how the two civilizations acted. Athens valued learning and philosophical teachings, teaching their kids from an exceptionally young age. On the other hand Sparta was a very war based city-state were all males joined the military and weak kids were even killed. Athens and Sparta had few similarities they consist mainly of the basics including slaves, religion, and language. The two Greek city-states were extremely dissimilar when it came to how their government was run, how they lived out their daily life, and what their economy was based off of. The two governments were run truly differently. Athens being a limited democracy, while on the other hand Sparta was an oligarchy. Athenian people had to be well educated in order to make informed and logical decisions when voting on public affairs. The Spartans voted only on the members of the government, these usually being wealthy important people, so while still needing a…show more content…
The culture of the Athenians was a very education based one, kids would attend school at the age of six. Prior to that they would be taught by either their mothers or a male slave. Education in Sparta was completely different, the purpose was to produce an unstoppable warrior. They were still taught to read and write, but these skills were seen as not as important. Women were treated much different in Athens and Sparta, women in Athens did not play as important as a role mostly staying at home doing chores and weaving. On the contrary Sparta’s women were more free and given more rights, they could own land and were not bound to a single male. These differences changed how both civilizations chose to live their lives, Athens having a more learning and philosophy based society while Sparta valued their military power

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