Joelle Charbonneau's 'The Testing': Review

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The Testing Author: Joelle Charbonneau Synopsis by: Felicity Brock The Testing is the story about Malencia Vale, and her hard work to be in ‘The Testing.’ The Testing is a series of tests that graduating student go through, if they qualify for the tests, to see if they qualify to go to the University. When the story begins, Cia, a 16 year old girl, is graduating. She wants nothing more than to go to the Testing. She later finds out that she has qualified for the Testing along with four other students from her colony Five Lakes. Her father was the only other person in her family who was a student. He knows of them erasing the memory. He doesn’t remember anything about his time there. He warns her about the testing; he says not to trust…show more content…
One of the tasks are for them to create groups of the poisonous or edible from the plants within the box. When finished, they are then made to eat the plants they labeled as edible. If they were incorrect, sickness or possible death was the ‘penalization’ for incorrect answers. The nest box contained a radio they had to fix. A candidate doing the same test pulls the wrong wire and is shot in the eye with a nail. They are told to continue to work and do nothing to help him, as he lays on the floor bleeding. She learns that any errors could cost her…show more content…
Cia comes in to contact with mutant humans that attacked her. She was forced to kill them to save herself. Cia had a huge claw mark on her arm from them. Cia later sees a man along the fence. He gives them food; he also gave her a serum to be able to lie during the truth serum test. Later Will catches up to them. He had found a Skimmer, a type of hovercar. Will and Tomas get into a fight. Cia shoots at him to get him away, but not before he shot Tomas. They were not that that far from the finish line at this time. Cia makes a wagon out of the supplies she could find. She puts Tomas in the wagon, and slowly makes it to the city. They still manage to get to the finish

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