Explain How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home Essay

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If you have a mice problem in your home, you will want to address is as soon as possible to prevent the issue from becoming more serious. Here are a few simple and natural ways you can get rid of mice and make your home an unfriendly place for them to hang out and live in. Seal Up Any Holes In Your Walls Walk around both the inside and outside of your home and look for any holes or spaces where a mouse could squeeze through. Remember, they can squeeze their bodies through some pretty tiny holes, so really you need to watch out for any openings. Put a marker, such as a stone, by all the holes that you find. Then, gather the supplies you’ll need to seal up those holes. You’ll want to put something over the holes that the mice will have a difficult time eating through, such as a steel wool pad or copper scouring pad. You’ll want to stuff and secure these materials into the hole so that the mice can’t eat through your wall and create a new nest.…show more content…
Finally, you’ll want to remember where you sealed up the holes and go and check on them in a week or so to make sure you really deterred the mice from getting into your home. If any of the holes have been reopened, you’ll need to seal them up again. Clean Up Your Kitchen If you commonly leave feed in the plastic bags and boxes that they came in, even though your kitchen looks clean to you, it can be a gold mine for a mouse. Don’t just clean up your kitchen, reorganize it as well. Place all your baking supplies into airtight glass containers. Purchase glass containers for all of your snacks as well, and transfer them from the bags they came in into the sealed glass containers that you purchased. Make sure that as soon as something is open, you have an airtight glass container to put in inside. Keep your food inside of airtight glass containers will make it more difficult for mice to find the food they need to call your house their

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