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Nikki Giovanni uses free verse, hyperbole, and symbolism in her poems, Nikki- Rosa, Ego Tripping, The Beep Beep Poem, and Kidnap Poem. Her style is to make the audience to create a descriptive picture and a deep understanding of Nikki’s perspective of her life of being a Black- American, which she didn’t let the color of her skin stop her from dreaming, creating her own imaginative life in her poet’s world. The first poetic technique that she uses in her poems is free verse. Free verse is a poetry without a fixed pattern of meter and rhyme. Some sentences in her poems like,“Child remembrances are always drag if you’re Black” In Nikki- Rosa She cut the sentence “if you’re Black” to the next row in other to show that the people’s…show more content…
The symbol she uses in here is “ poet “, that she is trying to say that if she is a poet or being a poet, she wants to steal people’s mind (kidnap the reader’s mind ). She determines the audience to get stuck in her words and lines, also to able to imagine a picture in her poems, in her thoughts.“I’d kidnap you put you in my phrases and meter you to jones beach or maybe coney island or maybe just to my house” in Kidnap Poem The symbol in this quote are “ beach”, “ Coney island”, and “ my house”. To sum it up, all these symbols are represented as the world of her thoughts and words of her perspective where she wants the reader to stuck in.“Childhood remembrances are always a drag if you’re Black” in Nikki- Rosa. The word “drag “ Nikki uses in here is presented as “the problems” that a “ Black- American” has. It prefers to the harsh life that she suffers. However, who can notice that she actually enjoys living in Woodlawn with “ no inside toilet”. The way she uses symbolism is to compare all the things that people thought of the Black people live would

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