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When I imagine my house, I receive a sense of joy and a warm feeling in my body. I also envision the fragrance of the sweet scent of Mahogany Tearwood that lingers all around the house. How the warm temperature in the house will loosen the tension I have in my body and make me feel tranquilize after a long day of being out. How I will finally be comfortable. Although the thought of home makes me joyful and a sense of warmness there is one room in particular that makes me feel at ease, including a sense of relaxation, which would be my room. My room means an abundant to me for the reason that when I was much younger I never had a room of my own, I had to share a room or sleep in the living room. A few years later I moved into a house and…show more content…
My bed is on a high wooden frame that my brother built for me, for the reason my bed is very high up I have a great quantity of space under my bed to store some of my accessories such as clothes, hair products, and more. On the left side of my bed, I have a four-foot drawer that has eight cubbies for me to store what I need to store. In each cubby I have something different in it, for instance in one I have folded shorts, on the other I have a little gold basket that has facial cleansers in it, the third one has jewelry in a little flat white antique plate, The fourth one has a big glass clear bowl that has all my makeup on in, the second to last cubby has neatly stacked board games in it, and the last one has a box of tissue.This Drawer is important to me in view of the fact that my grandmother gave it to me and has had it since my mother was a child, in addition, it comes with memorial stories to it. On the left side of the bed I have a blanket holder that can carry up to five blankets that is currently holding three white blankets on each rack, even though I bought it from Michaels even though it has a very sophisticated look, me and my mother took time out of our day to paint it together which has created memories. I have three grey wooden crates you can see under my bed. One of the

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