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“Rose, can you come downstairs, please?” mother called out. I grudgingly hopped off my bed and walked downstairs. My house is what middle-class families would consider a mansion. Like I said, my father designed a lot of properties, my house and Stella’s are just two of them. We have four bathrooms, an attic, a cellar, a basement, eight bedrooms, three living rooms, two laundries, a kitchen, and a library. We each have our own bathroom, and two bedrooms. One living room is for mother and father, the second is for Prim and me, and the last is just a showroom; it’s really for entertaining high society guests. The attic is directly above my main bedroom, it’s where Prim and I used to play. The cellar is where my parents sit when we have guests over for wine tasting. Lastly, the library is my favourite place in the house. Prim thinks reading is stupid, but I love it. Of course, I’d never…show more content…
I live on Arcadia Avenue, a short walk from Stella’s house on Briar Terrace. Unfortunately, the Washingtons live on Acacia Place, which is a street next to Stella’s. My house used to be an actual winery (that explains the cellar), with the original vineyard in our backyard. Our backyard has a tennis court, an inground swimming pool, and a mini golf course. I walked through the hallway, passing Prim’s bedroom. I wish she was home more often, she’s away for many days at a time. I wonder what she’s up to. Hopefully, doing something more interesting than living in this shithole. Prim has always been an adventurous person, she used the library only for travel brochures. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, she was just… gone. It gets harder everytime she leaves, because I’m convinced she’s more likely to never come back everytime she does leave. We take an annual holiday with our private jet (the perks when your father has built Stonyfell Airport). We’ve been to the Maldives, New York, the Hamptons, etc., but I’ve never been

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