Girl With A Pearl Earring

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The upper class is the social group that has the highest status in society. The upper class know that they have a lot of power over anyone of lower class than them. They like to let the lower class know their place in society. The lower class is the social group that has the lowest status in society. They are the working class. Within these two classes there are many struggles. The book Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier and The Tv show Gossip Girl written by Cecily von Ziegesar both show examples of class struggles in society. Girl with a Pearl Earring is about a Girl named Griet. Griets family is not doing well financially. After, her father losing his sight at the tile factory he worked at Griets family started to go hungry.…show more content…
Word gets out and soon enough the whole school is there. Then, a classmate nearly drowns and knowing the police would be there soon everyone is rushing to leave because there were drugs and alcohol and were at the swimming pool illegally. With all the chaos someone leaves their phone that had enough evidence to pinpoint everyone who was at the party. The school threatens to expel the person responsible for the break in. So Serena , her and her friends Blair, Chuck, and Nate decide to keep quiet since they were the ones who initiated the pool party and it would not look good on their college applications if one of them were expelled. Serena eventually gets her boyfriend Dan to go along with their plan even though he had only arrived at the party about fifteen minutes before the accident. Dan does not like the plan because he can’t buy his way out of the situation like everyone else. If anyone at their school were to get expelled they could easily get back in by their parents making a generous donation to the school. That was not the case for Dan who could barely afford the scholarship he was on. This is a wake up call for Serena who decides to do the right thing and admits to her headmistress that it was actually her who had broken into the pool. Serena does not get expelled but is instead has to do a few hours of community service that she would have done

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