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War with the Persians and Sparta left Athens at a very unsafe place during their era.So to protect themselves they came up with the Delian League. What is the Delian league and what do they do? Simple run down of the Delian League altogether; Greek states,Political leaders,Wars. Firstly we have the Greek city states that make up the Delian league. Founded in 478 B.C. shortly after the last expedition of the Persians under Xerxes I.The Delian League had begun its course. These states consisted of most of the Aegean islands, cities of Chalcidice, Shores of Bosporus and Hellespont. Others include Aeolian, Ionia, and a few eastern Dorian and non-Greek Carian cities.Delos being the headquarters of the Delian League made it very easy for everyone to communicate. Being in the center between major water areas was a huge addition. Such has the Thracian, Aegean and Myrtoum seas made it easy to protect themselves. The Delian League in a whole was a wondrous thing. The amount of people who grouped together to protect one another is marvelous. Individually they were pretty adequate. For example Thrace themselves had 62…show more content…
They had amazing leaders to help them get through the battles yet to come. All the members were given equal rights to vote in the council headquarters. Each member being supportive and providing money, supplies and troops. If some cities were not willing to comply with the leaders they would be aggressively enlisted eventually. All thought Athens did great in protecting the League they were not highly love has leaders. Pericles was an aggressive leader when it came to running the League. The tributes that the other states attributed were not being used in the correct way. Causing many of the states to see Athens has an oppressor just like the persian empire. But sadly in the minds of the Greek city-states they would rather pay money to their “brother” city-state than be controlled by the

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