Sid Bennett's Argument For The Existence Of Mermaids?

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The general public’s mind is like a toddler; they are easily influenced. They tend to believe anything they see or hear over the discussion on a topic, especially if there is an “expert” behind the argument. The existence of mermaids is one of the topics people tend to believe in. Although there are people who don’t believe that mermaids exist, such as marine biologist and experts of evolution, less-well informed people do believe their existence, and all because of misinterpreted or misleading information that documentaries, such as Mermaids: The Body Found, provides. Sid Bennett, the creative mind behind the docufiction Mermaids: The Body Found fails to create an ineffective argument for the existence of mermaids by providing the audience…show more content…
The reason why is because after analyzing the video recording it is mention in the documentary that it was taken with a flip phone in 2004, meaning that the quality of the video should had been more pixelated. For example, the PhoneArena team, technology experts whom test the latest technology devices in today’s day, reviewed the Motorola Razr V3 (a flip phone considered to be a high-end device at the time) which feature a Video Graphics Array (VGA) camera in 2004. According to PhoneArena during their camera test on this device, “the quality can be decent…” though the picture samples were taken in environments with good light. However, the video was recorded in low-light situation where even modern smartphones tend to struggle in camera quality performance and achieved to not show any signs of fuzziness during the footage, and it focused quickly to its surroundings. The only explanation for this is the use for Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) which is found in many camcorders to focus quickly and have a better low-light situation performance without any blurs, and was not introduce in modern smartphone cameras until late 2013 according to the Nick T. from In addition, at a certain point the video zooms in. The feature of zooming while recording simultaneously was not introduced in camera cellphones until early 2005 says Simon Hills author of the article "From J-Phone to Lumia 1020: A Complete History of the Camera Phone." If the director would have shown an little more inferior optical quality without the optical zoom, or changed the script where the boys recorded with a video camera or chosen a later year where cellphone cameras, such as the IPhone (1st-generation) which has the feature of optical zoom, and a similar video quality to the boy’s recording in the

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