How Did Fidel Castro Become An Effective Leader

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Throughout this world's history, we have come to face with many strong, dedicated, and influential leaders. Though they have all made their mark in World History, a few more positive than others, the style of leadership used to guide and build their empires varied greatly. Two great examples of leaders that had very effective, yet also very contrasting leadership styles are Fidel Castro and Bill Gates. Fidel Castro is the former prime minister (from 1959 to 1976) and then president (from 1976 to 2008) of Cuba. He is famously known for making Cuba a communist state, his authoritative leadership style, and how he exploited it to positively benefit the lower-class community and the country’s people overall by using his socialist views. Bill Gates,…show more content…
Even at a young age, Fidel had obtained many leadership traits, which ultimately led to his success in being a leader subsequently in his life. Fidel still remains eminently known for possessing these traits, and even used his paramount position as the leader of Cuba to better those who were left in a seemingly endless state of oppression due to their former president, Fulgencio Batista. The book “Cuban Communism: 1959-2003” explains this *blank* further, stating, “Attempting to consolidate his support inside of Cuba, Castro introduced several reforms… He confiscated wealth “illegally” acquired by Batista’s followers, substantially reduced residential rents, and passed an agrarian reform law that confiscated inherited property” (Horowitz, 681). In addition to that, states “After taking power Castro abolhised legal discrimination, brought electricity to the countryside, provided for full employment and advanced the causes of education and health care, in part by building new schools and medical facilities”” ( staff). After seeing the financial and class-related privileges given to those with wealth in Cuba under Batista’s ruling, Castro strongly believed in abolishing this set ideology and making it so everyone was commensurate to one another. He also made it so fundamental necessities were available to everyone, not only to those who were wealthy enough or had certain connections. Though Castro did evidently believe in the betterment of his people, he also used his rank in the government to put his competitors and enemies at a disadvantage, making it almost unattainable to dethrone him. Fidel put this plan into action almost instantaneously, making sure that his rivals, especially the devoted followers of Fulgencio Batista, had no way to undermine the amount of power

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