Diapers, Lightbulbs, And Bonding Lab Report

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Diapers, Lightbulbs, and Bonding The first element in a compound tells us if a substance is a metal. However this is not the case in lab Diapers, Lightbulbs, and Bonding. I am not sure what the first chemical in vitamin c is because in our tests we found mixed answers. The first experiment we conducted was a conductivity test. Salt starting with Na, baking soda with Na, and bath salts starting with Mg are all metals because their first element in the compound is a metal. We disolved these substances into separate cups with dH20. The metals showed a green light when we placed the conductivity tester into the solution meaning that it has an high ionic content (a metal). While the non metals lite a red light. Vitamin C also lite a red light meaning

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