Deer Overpopulation Research Paper

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Marietta as we know it, is a picturesque community that embodies the idea of small town America. Most residents go about their day in a typically care-free demeanor. Unfortunately there is a problem that some may not know exists. The issue at hand is the gross overpopulation of deer in the area surrounding Kennesaw Mountain. These deer cause a variety of nuisances and dangers that must be addressed. Unfortunately due to the scarcity of public land in the affected area, state implemented control methods are less than effective. This leaves the home owners in a situation where they must attempt to rectify the issue on their own. To relieve this issue home owners should allow qualified hunters to hunt on their property. The population of deer…show more content…
There are a few attractive methods proposed for the control of a herd’s size in suburban areas such as sterilization, relocation, and culling. Unfortunately each of these methods has its downfalls. Sterilization of deer can be quite expensive and does nothing to correct the situation in the short term. Relocation of deer in no longer a viable option due to the risk of spreading disease and parasites to otherwise unaffected areas. There is also a high mortality rate associated with relocated deer due to extreme stress related to the capture as well as the release. In culling, there are concerns with cost and the ethics surrounding the execution of the task, however it is the most effective method. Culling is the selective killing of an animal as a means of controlling the population, when done privately this is referred to as hunting. It should be noted that hunting is typically a self-financed hobby that results in no cost to you, the home owner. Typically hunting is done with a gun, however it is illegal to discharge a firearm within the city limits of Marietta. The solution to this issue is the employment of the hunting method known as archery. Hunting with a bow allows the hunter to be highly selective and extremely accurate. Archery is quiet and extremely effective if done by a well trained hunter. Unfortunately due to the fact that the vast majority of land…show more content…
Ensuring that a hunter is well qualified results in a better outcome. One qualification that every hunter must possess by Georgia state law, is a valid state hunting license. Possession of a hunting license tells you that not only is the hunter legally able to kill deer on your property, but also that the individual in question has passed a state regulated hunter’s safety course. The hunter’s safety course is designed to educate future hunters on the proper way to hunt while keeping safety in mind. Supplemental qualifications can range from documented proficiency tests to third party certifications. In addition to selecting a qualified hunter, setting parameters for the hunt can be equally important. Creating a set of guidelines with the hunter allows for you to have peace of mind when allowing an individual to hunt on your property. Guidelines can include factors such as set hunting times, designated hunting areas, and designated parking areas. Setting specific hunting times allows you to know when exactly the hunter is in the stand and when they are not. When you designate specific hunting areas you are given peace of mind that the individual hunting will not venture too close to your home. In an effort to aid in safety, it is also important that you clearly mark where the hunting zones begin and end. This is a huge factor if you have kids that play in the

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