Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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Climate change is the change in regional or global climate patterns. Throughout history, earth’s climate has constantly changed, from hot to cool. In the Mesozoic era the climate was fairly warm, but then became cold, in the Cenozoic era. Some scientists believe that earth’s climate has cooled and warmed because earth’s orbit around the sun has changed over the years. Some also believe that there were more active volcanoes that released carbon dioxide into the air, warming the earth. Overall earth’s climate has changed at a fairly slow rate, but in the past 150 years people have noticed that it is changing quicker. The global temperature and oceans are warming, sea ice is melting, glaciers are melting and sea level is rising, because of the…show more content…
We are putting a large amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and I believe that is causing habitat loss, rise in sea level, and more droughts. Some scientist believe that human activity doesn’t put enough greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to have and impact on the climate. They believe that most of global warming is caused by fluctuations of the sun’s heat. Multiple studies have shown that the climate has warmed faster than it has previously. One argument between scientists is whether high ocean acidity levels are caused by humans or are naturally occuring. Based on change in environment, such as the coral reefs and the animals more commonly become endangered or even extinct, I believe that the ocean acidity level is high because of us. But at the same time I can agree with the scientists who believe that we aren’t the whole cause of climate change. I agree that glaciers have been growing and receding for thousands of year, because of natural causes, not human activity. Throughout history we’ve gone through periods of cold weather (Ice Ages) and periods of warm weather, this pattern will likely continue into the future. I think we should make some changes to the way we live to reduce our carbon footprints, because we are having an impact on the climate change, but some of the changes we can’t

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