Death Of A Salesman Father Son Relationship Essay

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As we all know, a father plays a huge role in his son’s future. In Death of a Salesman, the author reveals that Willy’s dad was never there for Willy as a child. Therefore, this reveals how the missing love of a father affects their offspring’s. The lack of a father, in this case Willy, change the life of Biff for not teaching him valuable lessons. At the beginning of the play Willy does not objections to Biffs “borrowing” items. Willy always made excuses for why Biff would steal. This confirms why Biff kept constantly failing at everything. Even at the age of 34, Biff, still continued to steal, for example the fountain pain, due to the fact that Willy never forces values nor morals on to Biff. Through this the reader can recognize the parents struggle to raise children with values. Keeping secrets ruined not only the family, but the father- son relationship too. Biff never got to go to summer school to pass math class to graduate…show more content…
From the beginning of the novel Willy takes Linda for granted. Willy’s father abandoning him as a child has caused some confusion in many things one being, what it means to respect a woman. Since the sons learn from their father how to treat a woman, Willy failed to show his sons how to treat a woman to Biff and Happy. Biff and Happy have little to no respect towards women for example Biff said,” boy there was a pig”, which is referring to a woman in a rude manner. Happy in the other hand is a player and goes after woman never wanting anything serious. A son sees how his father acts towards his mother from there he gets the idea of how to treat a woman be it a good or bad way. All of these things explain neither Happy nor Biff can have a good relationship with a woman and remain unmarried at the age of 30. Furthermore how a husband treats his wife shows their sons how to treat their

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