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Dean Winchester, one of the main characters on the show Supernatural, is the typical male lead, at least at first glance. He is a sex crazed, womanizer, who exudes masculinity. So why would I loves someone who’s traits usually would have me turning away? There are two reasons: one is his loyalty to his little brother, Sam; and two is the charisma he puts in everything he does. Dean Winchester became the way he is because of what he has been through. His life of hunting began when he was just four years old. A demon set their house on fire and John, Dean’s dad, had him rush out his baby brother. The boys made it out; however, Dean’s mother was left burning on the ceiling. After the fire John started hunting demons, sprits, and other supernatural…show more content…
His charismatic personality drew me into him even more. Dean always finds something to love in his life. The way he is always listening to classic rock in his Impala, or his obsession with pie; Dean has a very corky personality that I just can’t help but to love. At first he looks like a rugged man who doesn’t show emotions, but just like Garth, a fellow hunter, said “he could start a fight in an empty room, but deep down he’s just a big, old teddy bear.” Dean is a loving guy. He loves pie, classic rock, and his Impala. He has sense of humor that can be flat out stupid, but it just compels me to love him even more. He doesn’t always see why people love him like Paula, his only long term girlfriend, but I feel like that makes his character even sweeter. Dean doesn’t know how he affects people. His main goal is to save people from the scary things that go bump in the night. When working a case he may not initially show people emotion, but in the few scenarios that he does, he shows how compassionate he really is. His compassion, humor, and self doubt urged me to give him a second chance and before I knew it his personality had me

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