Dead Poet's Society

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Edgardo Soria Assignment #2 The film Dead Poet’s Society shows the critical role parents can play in children’s lives. More in particular, this film displays how the role of the father can affect their sons. Children look at their parents as role models and sources for guidance. This can be detrimental to development of the child and their outcomes. Too much control can have adverse effects. Too little involvement can also have a major negative impact on their life. Overbearing fathers can result to be negative role models for their children. This is the case with Neil Perry and his father. His father has great plans for him to follow in his footsteps to become a doctor. However, Neil does not want anything to do with it and has ambitions…show more content…
They can learn how to become good parents, establish their own sense of identity and ask for guidance and advice. In the movie, Todd does not have the benefit of an actively engaged father in his life. He tells others that he feels as if his father, Mr. Anderson, does not love him because he never pays attention to him. He feels as if he will always be in the shadows of his brother because his father had always been very nurturing and attentive to his brother. Todd feels that he could never live to the same potential of his brother and thus never receive the love he desires from his father. At the end of the film, Todd is put in a situation where he must stand up face his father to stand up for a cause he believes in. However, never being able to face his father, he ends ups compromising his integrity and identity by forcibly signing documents about The Dead Poet’s Society. As a result from negligence, Todd secludes himself and develops problems interacting with others. He never speaks in class or in his poetry meetings. It also damaged his sense of accomplishment. He sets the bar low for himself and refused to do work because he fears underachievement. It was almost as if Todd and Mr. Anderson are complete strangers to one another because they can never communicate with each other. Better yet, they are strangers to each other because Todd never communicates with him and Mr. Anderson never attempts to emotionally connect with
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