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Running Head: THE U.S. SINCE 1877 The U.S. Since 1877 [Name] [Institute] The U.S. Since 1877 The New Deal Era was the time period extending from 1930 to 1938 during which the great economic crunch engulfed the whole U.S.A and the inflation was rampant everywhere. In this scenario president Rosevelt introduced a set of reforms intending to upgrade the condition of local farmers and landowners. The policies included the Federal Emergency Relief Administration which provided monetary benefits to the needy and the Resettlement Administration which was supposed to support the landless farmers. However, despite all the revolutionary steps taken by the government, some of the local corrupt administrators deteriorated…show more content…
It is noted that the local administrator of the agency deprived the small farmers of their lands and provided them petty subsistence. But the farmers were in a fix when they sold the seeds which they bought from the government agents. They were not allowed to use the seeds to fulfill their own needs and were forced to live from hand to mouth. Now this is evident that the implementation of the rehabilitation policy was itself faulty because it was biased towards the state representatives. The administrators did not take into consideration the fact that the farmers had already paid the price of their seeds in the form of house rents and other…show more content…
In this letter the woman had shared her experience of starvation and hardships. Her husband bought the herd of cattle after taking the loan from the local collector. After being inspired by the initial progress of their business, the family decided to increase the number of cattle and did the same. But under the sheer force of bad luck, the drought set in immediately and the cattle starved badly. The family was not able to earn their livelihood and could not pay the house rent. Moreover the greedy administrator forced the family to pay more and more money in the form of repayment of the dept. The government policy appeared as a great help for the family under such unusual circumstances. The government provided the financial help and the family was able to repay their remaining dept. This shows that the benefit of the government policies was congenial with the geographical conditions. As the family reared the cattle and could not do any other agricultural activity as an alternative, so the governmental help was the only option left for

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