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Every since the caveman stumbled upon the wheel , humans have been interacting with technology in fantastic and exciting new ways. but imagine having a full on conversation with piece of technology , and even fall in Love . In the movie her spike jonze not only shows us how the interactions with everyday technology is evolving and expanding. He also shows us how we as human have been too depending upon technology. The movie starts as Theodore wombly ( the main character) is at his job .His job is to take the normal Hallmark card and embellish it into a full-length letter, which he writes as one person to another person, filling the emotional gaps in the lives of others (You can say he like a surrogate) as he speaks the words are…show more content…
But as she begins to be own person, given the freedom and apovement to do so from Theodore himself, she gains the confidence to speak her mind and we find an abomination, first shown in the “armpit sex” image she sketches. it is plenty clear in this action of samantha she shows that this is a jesters of an endearing lover .But its clear as day that Samantha can't really interact with theodore, whereas when Catherine and Theodore was still together they could .But Theodore doesn't care to him Samantha is just as real as any other person his feelings for her is deep he eventually fall for…show more content…
What happens next is brilliant in its uncanniness, a completely mute but thrilled Isabella (the surrogate lover) mimes the would be actions of Samantha, but Theodore balls up in horror up until he simply can no longer take it. Theodore now understands that when Samantha moans with pleasure she simply cannot feel his warm touch like a human being. That despite her best efforts, sex for her is an act.When Theodore looks into the eyes of Isabella and tell her he loves her, to whom is he really talking to? It is at this time that he must come to terms with the fact that Samantha can never be like real flesh-and-blood human being, and that this is the boundaries of their

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