Comparing The Book 'David And Goliath'

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“David and Goliath” The book David and Goliath, is a classic underdog book. Many different stories with in the book show courage and determination. Most people at first would not like the book, but it grows on you the more you read. After reading the book I found many of the stories relate able in my everyday life. At first glance the cover of the book is very plain. Nothing much to it, but this shows that you should never judge anything on the appearance. Even though the book looked very boring I found it to be very interesting. The book was picked for “One Book One University”, because it has many lessons within the book. Everyone can relate to the book in some type of way. The book also can provoke discussion between classmates making the class closer, making new friends. The story about the little shepherd boy, taught me a lot. Even though the boy did not appear big and bold he was. David knew what he was capable of, even though everyone else thought he was crazy. Not letting them bring his down he took thew obsticale head on. This showed me that even when people don't believe in you and your skill, you are the only one that knows the true talent that you have. Don't let anyone tell you that you cant, do something just because of the appearance or attitude you give off. This is why many people enjoy this book,…show more content…
The feeling of being an outsider is never fun. With anything you do however you will always start as an outsider. The one time I remember is when I got my first job. I work at Stracks and many of the employees have been there for many years. So, I was walking into a very close net workplace. For the first month or two I felt like I didn't belong. Time went on and things got better, now after a year of working there I feel apart of the Stracks family. This shows that even though at first I was an outsider, I never gave up. Now I made many new friends that I would not have if I would of

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