David Abram Spell Of The Smooth Analysis

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David Abram Spell Of The Sensuous In David Abram’s philosophy on the way to ecology, he discusses how a new attentiveness to the world around us can lead to a better life and well being for ourselves but also for the rest of nature. Although most of society uses calculated thinking, Abram believes that a more intersubjective thinking is needed. By gaining a new way of thinking he believes that societies view of nature will change for the better. He focuses on two authors who help articulate his argument that thinking through experiences will enhance peoples ability to interact with the world around them and understand that we are apart of nature. By recognizing we are apart of nature and that we are equal with other being will help influence…show more content…
Merleau-Ponty explains that the body is the very core to an experiencing life form and is central to our ability to interact and experience the world (Abrams). However, Abram says, its indistinguishable from the mind, as one cannot operate without the other (Abrams). It is the way that one can enter into relations with the world, and interact reciprocally with the earth. Abram emphasizes that promoting the experiencing human mind to normal lowers the value other species as lesser than humans, which has led to much exploitation not only of other animals but also of some genders and races. Merleau-Ponty also believes that the body is persistently changing itself to environmental changes and improvising its relations to things in the world (Abrams). The body could never perceive anything new if it were only a mechanical predetermined machine. Abram rebuttals by explaining his perception of a simple ceramic bowl that rests on his desk. One that he can only experience so much of at a time. The inside, outside, top and bottom will never be completely visible to him, therefore his conversation with the object is continually shifting as his gaze or position also shifts. Just like the senseless reaching for a coffee cup or the instinctive change of gait on a steep hill reveals the quiet but ever present exchange between the body and the world. Abram notes that while we can suspend or alter our participation in perception look away, zone out to think about other things we can never altogether stop participating

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