Rama's Reaction To Ramayaa

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In the forest, Rama caught the eye of Surpankha, sister of Ravana who is the most powerful king of Asura. Rama and Lakshman both rejected Surpankha. Lakhsman even mutilated her nose. Offended and hurt, she came to his brother for help. As a revenge for his sister, Ravana abducted Sita. The brothers sought the help of the monkey king, Sugriva, to find and rescue Sita. Before agreeing to help them, Sugriva first asked them to kill his brother Vali. When this was done, they sought Sita. Sugriva’s friend, Hanuman found her in Ravana’s garden. Hanuman gave her a token from Rama and she did likewise to prove that she was found. With the help of the Vibhishana, the entire monkey army, and of the gods, Rama was able to defeat Ravana, and rescue Sita. She was overjoyed when she saw Rama but Rama however, did not feel the same. He…show more content…
If he did resent and rebel against his father’s orders, it would have been justifiable because he is the rightful heir to the throne of Ayodyah. Rama believed that it is his dharma (duty) to obey his father’s orders unquestioningly. BOOK III In this part of the story, Sita’s devotion and love for Rama was shown. She chose to be with her husband in exile. She could have lived a more comfortable life in the palace but still she chose to be with Rama. Maybe this can also be translated as the wife’s submission to her husband. It was also mentioned that Rama asked Sita to stay to serve his brothers and his family. Not only is the wife submissive to the husband, she also submits herself to the man’s family. Rama did not leave the kingdom alone. He was accompanied by his wife and his very loyal brother. Lakshman knew that Rama’s banishment is for reasons not valid. His love for his brother outweighs the comfort the palace life can bring. He volunteered to serve Rama and his wife in exile. He did this knowing he has his own

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